Iphone giveaway

Do you want to participate to win an iPhone 13?! 3 iPhones 13 will be given away between all those who participate in the mint. How does it work? If you are lucky enough to get one of the 3 special NFTs, you will get an iPhone 13 completely free! the ID's of the special NFTs will be revealed on our discord after we sold out the mint .


✔️ 1,200 unique NFTS randomly generated

✔️ Minting 1 whimsical dragon only costs 0.25 SOL!

✔️ Every drawing is hand-made!

✔️ Random and fair minting


✔️ Lsting on NFT marketplaces on the solana network after public minting

✔️More than 100 unique atributes

✔️Owner owns all comercial rights of their Whimsical Dragon


Phase 1

Public minting on march 01 2022

Phase 2

Feedback, rarity chart

Phase 3

Giveaways, contacting NFTs sites on solana network

Phase 4

Listing on the biggest solana NFTs marketplaces


1What's Whimsical-Dragons?
Whimsical-Dragons is solana's new collection with 10,000 nft's randomly generated
2How much is a Whimsical dragon?
Each Whimsical dragon costs only 0.15 SOL to mint + GAS (gas is no more than a few cents)
3Whats the rarity of each Whimsical dragon?
Rarity chart will be available after mint, so everyone can know how rare their Whimsical dragon is
4Can I buy more than one Whimsical dragon?
Yes, if you are fast enough, but only one per transaction
5Wich wallets can I use?
We recommend you Phantom wallet, but you can also use slope or solfare!



Project manager


Creative director

The Godfather